Добре дошли в хотел Трансилвания

15 август 2018

Дойде време и чудовищата от „Хотел Трансилвания 3“ да се насладят на лятната си ваканция. Ако искаш на почивка с тях, новият Happy Meal идва с изненади, които ще направят и твоята, и тяхната ваканция незабравими.

Week 1


Vacation Travel Tool: The Vacation Travel Tool contains multiple gadgets to help you as you explore on your travels; an extending grabbing hand, an LED torch and bug-eye lens. Clip onto your bag or belt and off you go!

Murray Fashion Glasses: Dress up as Murray the mummy with the Murray Fashion Glasses. The lenses are UV protective.

Week 2


Drink with Drac cup: Drink with Drac with this fun cup! Includes a lid with space for your McDonald’s straw to slot into.

Drac’s Nesting Dolls: The Drac’s Nesting Dolls set contains 3 nesting dolls which show pictures of Drac, Mavis and Dennis. Stack them within one another, or use them to hold secret items.

Week 3


Light-Up Blobby Luggage Tag: Press down Blobby’s arm to reveal Dennis hidden inside! The plastic luggage tag has a sticker for you to write your details on so that your luggage can be returned to you if it gets lost. Clip on to your bag and off you go!

Wayne Fashion Glasses: Dress up as Wayne the werewolf with the Murray Fashion Glasses. The lenses are UV protective.

Week 4

Vacation Camera Viewer: Check out all of the fun vacation memories that the Hotel Transylvania family have made this summer with the Vacation Camera Viewer. Click the button and look into the viewer to see 8 fun scenes.

Frank Ball: The Frank Ball is a fun, lightweight ball with Frank’s face debossed onto it. Have fun throwing the ball around outdoors with friends.

Week 5


Kraken Activity Card Set: The Kraken Activity Card set contains the Kraken Activity Card holder, coloured pencil and 4 fun activity cards.

Blobby Pail and Shovel: Use the Blobby Pail and Shovel to create sandcastles for seaside fun. Fill the pail with sand using the shovel, upturn on the ground and then slowly ease the pail off to admire the sandcastle that you’ve built.

Week 6


Winnie’s Giggling Back Scratcher: Use the paw to scratch your back – as you shake the Winnie Giggling Back Scratcher up and down it makes a funny giggling sound.

Xylo Flyer: Throw the Xylo Flyer – the material catches the air and the flyer appears to float to the ground. Have fun throwing the Xylo Flyer around outdoors with friends.