Big Mac Bacon™ and Double Chicken Jalapeño.

11 March 2022

Big Mac is everything a burger lover could ask for, especially now that you can get it with crispy bacon under the name Big Mac Bacon,which includes:

Sesame bread with two 100% juicy beef patties, crispy bacon, the unique sauce Big Mac™, fresh salad, tasty Cheddar cheese, onion and pickles.

Because you always get more with McDonald’s.

And in this line of thought, chicken lovers get more, too – Double Chicken Burger and Double Chicken Burger Jalapeño.

Double Chicken Burger:

Fluffy bread, 2 pcs chicken breast fillet, pickles and mayonnaise sauce

Double Chicken Burger Jalapeño.

Fluffy bread, 2 pcs chicken breast fillets, jalapeno cuts, pickles and mayonnaise sauce


The new offers are available from March 11.

  • Until the available quantities in the participating restaurants are exhausted. The offers won’t be available in the restaurants at the Varna and Burgas airports, nor in the seasonal restaurants at Sunny Beach and Golden Sands.