The global goals of McDonald’s

McDonald's continuously tests and implements innovative and environmentally friendly solutions in its operations. Improving our packaging materials from an environmental perspective and transitioning to a circular economy are our top priorities. Sustainable development strategies help ensure a cleaner environment in the long term and contribute to protecting our planet for future generations.

The company has achieved significant success in the area of environmentally friendly packaging offering.

By 2025 , in more than 38, 000 restaurants in over 100 countries , all food packaging and cutlery used by our customers will be made from environmentally friendly materials.


Everyone's favourite McFlurry™ ice cream now comes in a new, eco-friendly packaging without a lid.

TON less waste per year

All toys from the favourite HappyMeal™ children's menu come in eco-friendly packaging and from year 2022, toys are available in degradable materials.

1 TON less waster per year
Happy Meal

The stirrers for the favorite coffee
specialties are
environmentally friendly.

The straws, which generally account for a large share of waste accumulation, are environmentally friendly.

Fork Spoon

The forks and spoons are

All not environmentally friendly balloon and flag holders are a thing of the past.