Ресторант работник в McDonalds

Are you an energetic person willing to take on new challenges and who wants to work in a dynamic team? Still a student and looking to gain work experience? Apply for the restaurant worker position now!

As a restaurant worker, you will perform a variety of activities that include all areas of a McDonald's restaurant: kitchen, cash register and dining room.

In this way, you have the opportunity to develop your practical skill set, but also your communication skills, following customer relationships.

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Мениджър в McDonalds

There is no shortage of career opportunities at McDonald's and the Manager position can offer you many benefits that will help you climb the ranks of team leaders. If you want to coordinate a group of people full of energy, your place is definitely here!

You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your organizational skills and offer creative solutions to various work situations. The knowledge gained from the professional training classes will accompany you on the road to success.

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Бариста в McDonalds

Are you productive in the morning, and the unique aroma of coffee gives you the necessary energy to enjoy every moment of the day?

Then apply for a Barista position at McCafé and benefit from a comprehensive professional training program, a pleasant atmosphere, in the company of dynamic colleagues and many other benefits.

You will have the opportunity to share thousands of smiles with the people around you and thus develop your communication skills. A good mood is indispensable in restaurants, and the moments experienced every day with your team can turn into unforgettable memories.

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Лидер гостоприемство в McDonalds

At McDonald's, a positive customer experience is a priority. If you like to constantly communicate with the people around you, then apply for the Hospitality Leader position.

Ordering through the new digital kiosks is a new experience for people who are not familiar with the technological system implemented in some restaurants. As a Hospitality Leader, you will have the opportunity to help customers and explain what innovation means at McDonald's. This will ensure that their good mood remains intact throughout the visit.

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Some skills are for a lifetime

As an employer, McDonald's™ primary goal is for our employees to improve both their professional and personal qualities. Through serious training, we provide the necessary skills for career advancement – 95% of our managers started as Restaurant Employees. Flexible working hours, a team of enthusiastic young people and an interest in our employees' progress encourage them to work on their personal abilities. In this way, they learn to balance responsibilities, cope under pressure and work with different people. Skills useful for lifetime.

McDonald’s ™ take first place in the large companies category in Best Employers Survey in Bulgaria in 2006 and the second for 2007 and 2008.

Our vision for the people

To achieve our goal of being the best fast service chain in the world, we strive to make every employee feel significant, valued and proud of their work, in order to progress further. In short, we strive to be among the best employers in every country around the world. In short, we strive to be among the best employers in every country in the world.


Why McDonalds?

The first McDonald's restaurant in Bulgaria was opened in Plovdiv in 1994. At present, the company provides work and enables the development of over 1,000 young Bulgarian people in the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv, Pazardzhik, Varna, Burgas, Pernik, Pleven, Yambol, Veliko Tarnovo and Stara Zagora, which serve more than 10 million clients a year. Thanks to our persistence in applying good practices in human resources and training, our company has won several awards in this field.

McDonald's TM is one of the best employers in Bulgaria for five consecutive years, and twice ranked among the Top 10 Employers in Central and Eastern Europe in the Hewitt / AON survey. Our main goal is to be the best quick service restaurant in the world, to constantly increase our market share in Bulgaria and to develop leaders to manage the organization in the future. We work to achieve our business goals with a proactive approach to our operations.

We are constantly committed to increasing the motivation of all managers and employees working in the company by raising the overall professional level and experience to create opportunities for personal and professional development. McDonald's in Bulgaria received accreditation on the International Standards for Organizational Excellence Investors in People in April 2015.

Acquisition of the standard helped us diagnose the organization to identify its strengths and opportunities for improvement, to find opportunities to increase our capacity for strength and market competitiveness, talent management, people retention, leadership development. Work in this direction does not end with accreditation but is a continuous process that allows us to continually improve.

Our values

Our customers and team are at the center of attention.
Our doors are open to everyone.
We are consistent and correct. We keep every promise we make.
We actively participate in the communities we are part of.
We trust each other. And we are more than a team.