Innovations with perspective

Better every day

In order to continue to develop and build a more modern and exciting restaurant environment, McDonald’s created the concept "Experience of the Future". The main goal of our concept is to improve our guests' experience on a daily basis and create a more private environment.

What makes our restaurants "Experience of the Future"?

Digital self-ordering kiosks

Avoiding queues has never been easier. Ordering through digital self-order kiosks - instead of the usual checkout - cuts the time it takes for your burger to reach you. Choose your favorite food, pay with your bank card, and track your order number on the screen. When your number appears, pick up your order from the designated pick-up area. If you wish to order on the digital self-ordering kiosks but do not have or do not wish to use a bank card, you can pay for your order cash at the service zone.

"Made for you"

McDonald's famous burgers are now made the second they are ordered, leaving pre-made sandwiches in the past. As part of our "Made for You" concept, we no longer prepare the burgers and other products in advance of ordering - instead, the food is prepared especially for you only after you order. This way, we provide our guests with even fresher food.

One click away

All the special offers and deals brought together in one place - the McDonald's app. In addition to all the latest offers, you'll have information about restaurant locations and working hours, products, their nutritional values and allergens, as well as all the latest news and products in your hands.