Have fun with your favourite toys now in every Happy Meal™ in our McDonald’s restaurants.

This month the Happy Meal™ toys come with a mission. We all have to learn that there’s nothing scary in the dark when we’re young. Teeny Tys are the perfect companions in this realisation, since they glow in the dark. See them here.




Take a look at which ones are available every week HERE.

Beside the toys, this month you can also pick one of three books. The new series about the Treetop twins “Adventures in the wild” will introduce the youngsters to the wonders of nature. The first three books explore the white bear, the pink dolphins and the mysterious quagga. Learn more below.




The fun continues now in our Happy Мeal Аpp! A free online world, which we created in order to offer you children fun and educational games. They support spending more time with your family and friends.