Happy Meal
Happy Meal

Get a favorite toy or book of your choice with every Happy Meal™!

Captivating toys and engaging books once again find their place in kids' favorite Happy MealTM, and there is a variety at every McDonald's restaurant. Now is the time to fill your child's collection with the desired toy or discover the magic of a new book together. In addition to keeping kids entertained for hours, Happy Meal™ toys are made from environmentally friendly materials like paper and plant-based plastics. For the benefit of the children and the planet where they will grow up.

Now with every Happy Meal™, your kids can choose a book or a toy

Happy Meal™ books are exclusive series available only at McDonald's, created by world-renowned authors. The new "I Can" series by María Isabel Sánchez Vergara contains 12 unique books that will introduce your children to the stories of great people, inspiring them to dream boldly and fight for their goals. Each one will immerse you in the adventures of sports champions, scientists, musicians, adventurers, astronauts and more.


Entertainment in the digital world

McDonald's, as always, strives to be up to date. That's why there's an exciting novelty for kids with Happy Meal™. Only now, every kids’ menu includes not only the physical toy or book, but also a new digital experience that can be accessed through a QR code found on the Happy Meal™ box. By scanning the code with a phone/tablet, children can enter an immersive digital world that allows them to play and develop their imagination.

Family is extremely important to us.

That is why we handpicked these books, so we can inspire children to fall in love with reading and encourage families to spend more time together.

Our goal is to make reading more fun and we hope it becomes a lifelong favorite activity of little ones.