The world of dinosaurs

This month the Happy Meal™ will transport kids to the ancient world of dinosaurs. Jurassic World is here with every Happy Meal™.

Squeeze the egg, so it opens and you’ll find your dinosaur with funny moves.

Week 1:

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Blue the Velociraptor



Bumpy the Ankylosaurus


Week 2:



Indominus Rex


Week 3:

Toro the Carnotaurus




In addition to the toys, at McDonald’s you can also pick one of the engaging books about the Treetop twins called “Wilderness Аdventures”. They take the children to exciting experiences in nature. At the moment you can find the ninth and tenth books from the series in our restaurants, namely -“The Twins Pursue A Penguin” and “The Twins Run After A Rhino”.

Book 9                                     Book 10