1. We use cookies on our website. Cookies are small text files, which our web server sends to the cookies folder on your device. The main function of a cookie is to enable our web server to identify partially the settings of your operational system and web browser for the purpose of improvement and optimization of our website functioning. Other important purpose of a cookie is to provide feedback about the performance of our website and to collect statistical data through which we can select and improve the services that we offer.
  2. Some cookies are important for the website operation and are enabled automatically upon any visit by users.
  3. We use the following 4 (four) types of cookies:

3.1. Absolutely required cookies – vitally important for our website functioning. They do not allow us to identify you.  They are required for our website operation, for maintenance or the security of our connection while you access it and so that we may meet the requirements that are imposed on us. If an user decides to disable these cookies, it will not have access to the website content.

3.2. Functional cookies – they save your place, country, language and settings. They also include information such as:

3.2.1. Your user name for access to our website

3.2.2. Your settings such as font size or image contrast;

3.3. Performance cookies – connected with the website performance – to analyze how visitors use our website. This allows us to offer high quality by customizing the offered content and to identify quickly and remedy any issues. For example, we may use cookies to track which are the most popular searches.

3.4. Market – behavior-targeted advertising cookies – to show advertisements, which we believe will fit your interests. Such cookies may be used to assess messages and advertisements intended for you, which you may see on your website or on another website, mobile applications and social media.

  1. You may block or limit the cookies set on each website, including our website and sections through the settings of each browser on each device, which you use for access to Internet.
  2. Please note that some of our services, as for example, Online booking of birthday party will not work or the page functionality will be limited if your browser does not allow cookies.
  3. We use or allow to third parties to use cookies on our website, which belong to the four categories listed above. For example, as many other companies, we use Google Analytics to monitor traffic. Also when you share this article by using the buttons to the social networks (for example Facebook) on our website, the social network that has created that button will remember your action.
  4. For the purpose of layout that meet the needs and continuous optimization of the websites Mc Donald’s uses web analysis services based on article 6, paragraph 1, letter e) of the GDPR. In this regard are created pseudonymous user profiles and are used cookies. Thus the cookie generates the following informato for using this website by you:
  • Browser type/ version,
  • Operational system used,
  • Reference URL (website visited before that),
  • Host name of the computer (IP address) establishing the connection to the website.
  • Time of the inquiry to the server.
  1. Information intended to assess the use of websites for preparing reports about the activity of the websites and for other services connected with the use of Internet for the purpose of market researches and design complying with the needs on these websites. IP-addresses are anonymised so that it is not possible to identify them (the so called IP masking)
  2. You may prevent the installation of a cookie through the relevants setting of the software of your browser; please note that probably in this case not all functions of this website may be used in their full range. Furthermore you may prevent the collection of data generated by cookies and related to your use of the website (including your IP address) and you may prevent the processing of these data from Google and Google Analytics by downloading and installing the relevant applications about that. Additional information about cookies, including the opportunities for their management, is available on the following website:http://www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/


This document is last updated on  18 November 2018.