Our burgers are prepared with pure beef – zero additives, artificial colors or preservatives.

Shortly after grinding and setting the proper thickness, the meat is frozen in order to guarantee the top quality and recognizable taste. It is then shipped in refrigerated transport vehicles.

During the actual prep, the patty is grilled simultaneously on both sides using a special technique that requires no extra fat. The final touch is provided by a pinch of salt and pepper.


The chicken that goes into our Chicken McNuggets, McChicken burger and Chicken salad comes from the breast section exclusively and offers superb quality.

The farms we source our chicken meat from abide by all medical and food standard of the European Union.

As soon as we get it, all chicken is boiled and frozen in order to prevent the spread of pathogens.


Our burgers have only fresh lettuce or Iceberg lettuce. The salads get a huge assortment of greens – Romaine, Batavia, Lollo Rosso, Radicchio, Fine Frisee and carrots. We pick them according to the season so that you always get the freshest product possible.

The onions, tomatoes and salads are chosen with extra care. After that we wash them thoroughly and store them at a certain temperature. All these processes are in line with our high-quality standards.


Our buns offer way more than meets the eye. They go through diligent temperature and moisture checks during all stages of production: kneading, finish and packaging.

After that we bake them, adding just enough of the good stuff that keeps them fresh, fluffy and looking alike.


Golden, crispy, hot and fluffy. Those are the words that best describe our iconic fries.

Preserving this image requires constant vigilance in terms of potato variety. That’s why we source our potatoes from only the best growers in Europe.

With their signature shape, excellent taste and no artificial additives or coloring, our fries need nothing but a pinch of salt before they can be presented in all their glory.


Rise and shine with 100% freshly ground Arabica that will prepare you for the adventures of the day. Your favorite coffee bears the Rainforest Alliance mark, guaranteeing the highest grade of cultivation and processing of each grain. We get our coffee from the most renowned Italian suppliers.

The world would be a much better place if all of us treated nature with care and respect. That’s why we joined the Rainforest Alliance initiative, so that all of our coffee comes from farms adhering to the highest ecological, economic and social standards. With each cup you contribute to the sustainable development and protection of the environment.


We build on the diversity of menu items with a sandwich containing top quality fish fillet.


Our ice creams, McFlurries and milk shakes are done with the help of high-quality milk and cream.
То ensure this, we lab test our milk along the entire supply chain – from the farm to our restaurants.

All our dairy products are made with UHT technology (Ultra High Temperature), making sure the end product is safe and delicious.

Our standards

Food safety standards at McDonald's restaurants meet all regulatory requirements. Our restaurants have constant beef and chicken safety checks that take place every day. Our product suppliers are also carefully selected so that we can ensure the highest quality for each product group.

This is only the beginning. We believe in constant improvement and therefore remain committed to our mission of guaranteeing you a wide selection of products that will make you feel satisfied with life.