Burger Crush

18 October 2022

McDonald’s™ has prepared a delicious challenge for you. Enter a new dimension with Burger Crush and play for tasty offers and great prizes. Compete with friends and let the best one top the leaderboard. At the end, a raffle awaits you with great prizes worth keeping your fingers in play for.


Keep an eye out for our daily offers:

  • Cheeseburger + small drink + small fries for 5.90 BGN
  • Chicken Burger + small drink + small fries for 5 BGN
  • Double cheeseburger + small fries for 7.70 BGN
  • Triple cheeseburger + small fries + small drink for 12.50 BGN
  • McChicken™ + small drink for 7.20 BGN


Rewards for reaching the level:

  • Cheeseburger + small fries for 4.90 BGN – 5th level
  • Chicken Burger + small drink for 4 BGN – 15th level
  • Hamburger + small fries for 4.50 BGN – 20th level
  • Small drink 1 BGN – 35th level
  • Medium fries for 2 BGN – 40th level


The top 500 at the end of the week will share the spoils in the form of

  • apple pies
  • Donuts
  • small drinks
  • glasses
  • pairs of socks


In the end of the game, 3 lucky players out of our top 50% in the final leaderboard, will receive one of these:

  • 7th generation tablet
  • wireless gaming headphones
  • 5th generation gaming console


Download the app and start playing Burger Crush. The offers and prizes are valid for registered app users only.

Full game terms and conditions here.


*General conditions for using the offers:
– The offers are not valid for McDonald’s restaurants atVarna Airport, Bourgas Airport, seasonal restaurants in Sunny Beach resort and Golden Sands resort, as well as for the service McDeliveryTM and on the McDrive™ line.
– The offers are valid 7 days after the winning it.
– The offers are non-repeatable.
– The offers can’t be redeemed with any other offers.
– The offers cannot be replaced with cash.
– Тhe offers are valid while stocks last.
– McDonald’s in Bulgaria reserves the right to change the offer, menu items and offer’s period any time without prior notice.