Game “Espresso day”

24 November 2021

Every day is а coffee occasion. A long coffee like a long summer afternoon, a short coffee, as short as the winter days, a sweet one like the Christmas holidays, all-business like a hectic day at the office – coffee, just like our days, come in all kinds of forms. But everyone has an ideal for both.
In this line of thought, what is your ideal coffee?
Share it as a comment under our facebook post on the subject until December 1 and you can win one of five prizes with 2 coffees of your choice plus 2 pies of your choice (apple of cherry). Because whatever our perfect days and coffees might be, they usually come in good company.

Participate in the activation between 24.11 and 01.12.

See the general conditions of the game here: ОУ игра_Ден на еспресото