Offers at the mobile application

3 June 2022

Irresistible offers are awaiting for you in the mobile application. At great prices you will find ice cream with topping, medium fries, a small drink, McNuggets™ with small fries or McChicken™ with a cheeseburger and two portions of small fries – what you need for a great time. All this is just a click away. Grab a delight of your choice and recharge for the summer.


The offers are:
2 x ice cream with topping (strawberry, chocolate or caramel) – 6.30 BGN.
2 x medium fries – 6.30 BGN
2 x small drinks (Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola without sugar, Fanta, Sprite or Lipton iced tea) – 4.30 BGN
Chicken McNuggets™ / 6pcs / with 1 sauce + small fries – 9.60 BGN.
McChicken™ + Cheeseburger + 2 pcs. small fries – 13.80 BGN.

The offers do not apply for McDonald’s™ restaurants
Trakia – Trakia Highway, 89 km,
Studena – 279 km on the international road E79, next to Studena village,
Jumbo – Botevgrasko shosse 565,
Yambol 1 – Trakia Highway, 276 km,
Yambol 2 – Trakia Highway, 279 km in the direction of Burgas,
Radinovo – Trakia Highway, 119 km, next to Radinovo village,
Ravda – International road E87, 206 km in the direction of Burgas to Ravda
Varna Airport, Burgas Airport, seasonal restaurants in the resorts Golden Sands and Sunny Beach, as well as for the service McDelivery™ and at the McDrive™ line.

The price of the offer includes VAT.
The offer can be used once for one transaction.
The offer cannot be exchanged for its monetary equivalent.
The offer is valid until all available quantities are out of stock.
McDonald’s™ Bulgaria reserves the right to change the offer, the menu/products and the period of validity of the offer at any time, without prior notice.
The offer is valid from 03.06.2022 until 30.06.2022
The offer can be used once for one transaction