Take two is here again

1 February 2019

You already know what this two-finger sign means. Use it and match your favorite tastes at McDonald’s for just 2.99 leva**.
Mix a burger with small fries or small drink * as follows:

Cheeseburger + small fries or small drink = 2,99lv.
Chicken burger + small fries or small drink  = 2,99lv.
Mac Toast + small fries or small drink = 2,99lv.
Hamburger + small fries or small drink = 2,99lv.
Mc Nuggets + small fries or small drink = 2,99lv.
Mush Burger + small fries or small drink = 2,99lv.
Cheese toast  + small fries or small drink = 2,99lv.

* Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite or Lipton – 0.25 l.
** Valid in all McDonald’s ™ restaurants on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria with the exception of McDonald’s ™ restaurants at Varna Airport and Burgas Airport, as well as McDonald’s restaurants in Sunny Beach and Golden Sands resorts. The promotion does not apply for Delivery service.