It’s time for Rösti : )

This winter, things are going to heat up and get spicier.
Because there will be new contenders in the battle for your heart and palate.
Starring: the delicious Big Rösti, the irresistible Rösti Chicken, as well as new stars Rösti Fish and Spicy Chicken McNuggetsTM.
Who will win you over?
Maybe one? Maybe all of them?

McDonald’s presents: It’s time for Rösti : )


Big Rösti:

Golden bread with pieces of bacon and toasted cheese, special Rösti sauce, crispy bacon, melt-in-the-mouth Emmental cheese, and delicious Rösti patties with 100% juicy beef!


Rösti Chicken:

Delicious golden chicken in a warm, freshly baked sesame bun, crispy bacon, melt-in-the-mouth Emmental cheese, delicious Rösti patties and special Rösti sauce.


Rosti Fish

Warm bread, special Rösti sauce, breaded white fish fillet, and delicious Rösti patties.


Spicy Chicken McNuggets:

Chunks of chicken breast in a golden, crispy, spicy breading


The campaign is valid until stocks last in all McDonald’s restaurants in Bulgaria, with the exception of restaurants at Burgas Airport and Varna Airport.