More with McDrive™

As the weather warms up, the thirst for a weekend break increases. And not only that.

This March, you can quench both at our McDrive™ by grabbing a large meal with Coca-Cola drink and trying your luck. Draw a coupon with which you have a chance to win a 500 ml sugar-free Coca-Cola. Share, drink or save for later. Let chance and good cheer follow you on the road!

The campaign is valid from 08.03.2023 to 29.03.2023 or until the promotional products are sold out in the participating restaurants.

Mladost – “Aleksandar Malinov” Blvd, Mladost 2

Boyana – Ring Road of Sofia, Boyana district

Orion – 1 “Evropa” Blvd, Lyulin 10

Tsarigradsko Shose – 60, Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd.

Sofia Press – Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd., Sofia Press

NDK – 1, Bulgaria Blvd.

Rodopi- Plovdiv, 33, “St. Petersburg” Blvd.

Maritsa – Plovdiv, The crossroad of “6th September” Blvd. / “East” Blvd

Dolphins- Varna, 106, Vladislav Varnenchik Blvd.

Zornitsa – Burgas, Stefan Stambolov Blvd. / Nikola Petkov Blvd.

Veliko Tarnovo – 17, “Magistralna” Str.

Jumbo – 525 Botevgradsko Shousse Blvd., Jumbo Plaza Shopping Complex

Trakia – Trakia highway, 89 km

Studena- International road E79, 279 km, near the village of Studena

Radinovo – Trakia highway, 119km, by Radinovo village

Yambol 1 – Trakia highway, 276 km (Burgas – Sofia)

Yambol 2 – Trakia Highway, 279 km (Sofia –Burgas)

Ravda – International Road E87, 206km Burgas to Ravda