Health comes first

17 March 2020

McDonald’s in Bulgaria is watching closely the influence of the coronavirus pandemic on the local population and where we our restaurants are. We are serious and responsible towards the situation and as always we’re engaged in making sure that the highest hygiene and cleanness standards are applied for the sake of our guests’ and employees’ health and safety. In that matter, we’ve initiated the safety measures necessary to support these standards, which includes increasing all-surfaces cleaning and sanitizing frequency, as well as sanitizing the kitchen surfaces each 15 minutes; all of our employees wear gloves and masks; no access to working environment for employees with symptoms like fever, cough and breathing difficulties. An emergency “Sanitizing and hygiene” instruction is performed for all of our employees; they also have signed declarations, concerning the everyday health condition of all people – employees and managers – working in the restaurant. This declaration is signed every single day by an employee and a manager.

Taking into account the recent developments concerning COVID-19 and the measures taken nationwide, we inform you that we’re making home deliveries with McDelivery™, together with our partners Foodpanda and Takeway(shipping areas are the same), as well as taking orders through our drive-through kiosks. Please note that service via the drive-through kiosk is only available to motor vehicles in order to minimise crowding as this is also a requirement of the Bulgarian Ministry of Health. Hence, our employees are instructed not to serve pedestrians.

Locations with available home delivery through drive through kiosks services:

Mladost – „Alexander Malinov“ Blvd.
Orion – „Europa“ 1 Blvd.
Tsarigradsko Shose – “ Tsarigradsko Shose“ 60 Blvd.
Tsarigradsko Shose – „Tsarigradsko Shose“ Blvd., next to Sofia Press
NDK Rock&Roll – “Bulgaria“ 1 Blvd.
Boyana – „Okolovrysten Road“ 35 Str.

Rhodopes – Plovdiv, „St. Petersburg“ 33 Blvd.
Maritsa – Plovdiv, „6th September“/“Iztochen“ Blvd.

Dolphins – Varna, „Vladislav Varnenchik“ 106 Blvd.

Zornitsa – Bourgas, „Stefan Stambolov“/„Nicola Petkov“ Blvd.

Trakiya – Trakiya Highway 89 км.
Studena – 279 км. Road Е79, Studena
Botevgradsko Shose – “Botevgradsko Shose“ 525 Blvd.