In 2019 we at McDonald’s continue our commitment to reading with an exclusive series of 12 books, authored by the award-winning Cressida Cowell, the imagination behind the bestselling How to Train Your Dragon books.

Now you can choose between a book or a toy with every Happy Meal. Two new books will be on offer every eight weeks. The Treetop Twins Adventures follow a family that has build a time machine and went back to explore the era of the dinosaurs.

A quick overview of the first 4 books:

The twins stumble on a Tyrannosaurus
The twins find a baby dinosaur but soon discover that its mother is a rather massive Tyrannosaurus.


The twins find a Diplodocus
The twins come across an egg and follow the dino tracks to find its owner.


The twins ride a Camarasaurus
The Treetop twins stumble upon a Camarasaurus herd and ride on a baby’s back.


The twins meet Massospondylus
The Treetop family learns all about the Massospondylus while saving a little creature from danger.


You can also find each book in a digital format in Happy Studio.